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2011-05-21 09:27:45 by The-Bit-Shifter

I am just sitting here <_> Ah well might aswell play PS3 <_>

DARN THIS SCOUT THING! Why can't it just let me post my stuff -_- I made pokemon sprites of my favourite BlazBlue characters but It won't let me upload them T_T

WHY I ASK YOU?! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like crap :P

2011-03-19 13:12:56 by The-Bit-Shifter

ARGH! Stupid head cold go away! uhhhhh my god my head feels like crap -_-


This here my friends was the most hilarious moment ever during his party. I hope you think it funny as we did when we where attempting dances XD

8-16 bit sprites

2011-01-23 20:16:07 by The-Bit-Shifter

I am in need of a person to help me with my sprites. I have the actions. Just I know how to put them all togther in to a sprite. Can any of ya help me?

All Bit music

2011-01-05 20:48:20 by The-Bit-Shifter

Music is still needed for meh guys. I have almost all the 4-bits done 8-bits are also almost done. I have 1 16-bit. Other then that if no one helps ill just gte meh friend to help he offered so ya :D

I am in need of some theme music for me and meh friends 8-16 bit characters let me know if u wanna help. Ill send you a model of characters =3