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Favorite Audio

Wrath of the Dark God Video Game Song
WOTP - Final Battle Miscellaneous Song
8-bit Conflict 2 Video Game Loop
Memories ~ R&B Song
Zero Hour (2011) Heavy Metal Song
NYAN CAT [8bit] Video Game Loop
Armed Prophet: Boss Loop Video Game Loop
TrainMadness Techno Song
A Light in the Darkness ~P~ Video Game Song
Following Your Star ~P~ Video Game Song
DJ Pygme - Play It Loud Techno Song
DJ Cloud - When Angels Cr Techno Song
Magikarp General Rock Song
The Coronation Of Palpatine Classical Song
Star Fox 64: Boss Battle Video Game Song
8-bit Hero Video Game Loop
Fried Egg (Friday Parody) Pop Song
[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX) Dubstep Song
(Dj-Admin)Boss Battalion Video Game Loop
-Orr- Second Thoughts Classical Loop
Final Fantasy 3 - Last Bo Video Game Song
The Final Epic Boss Battle Techno Song
-(WB)-Eternal Fire Video Game Song
_-={The Unbreakables}=-_ Classical Loop
-=- Rotating Saucer Video Game Loop
Blood Red Hurricane Miscellaneous Song
Epic Boss Video Game Loop
ALitDoD (Preview) ~P~ Video Game Loop
ParagonX9 - Blue Marine Video Game Loop
Unbound Soul Heavy Metal Song
Epic Battle Fantasy 3 SNB Mix Classical Song
Scaling the Frozen Wall Video Game Loop
The Sound of Happiness Miscellaneous Song
5 Guys Delight Dance Song
EliteFerrex - Battle Theme 3 Video Game Loop
EliteFerrex - Battle Theme 2 Video Game Loop
8-bit Consumed by Rage Video Game Loop
The Champion of Sinnoh! Dance Song
Forest Invasion Miscellaneous Song
Arrived at Mars Miscellaneous Song
Dark Energy (Kirby 64 Style) Video Game Loop
System Split - F-777 Dance Song
Kouga's Song Miscellaneous Song
-Orr- Four Brave Champions Classical Loop
-Orr- Final Encounter Classical Loop
Ragnarok Control Cover General Rock Song
Triple Gear Video Game Song
Poop Chewin' Voice Demo Song
Wilson's Phallus Palace Voice Demo Song
Console War Heavy Metal Song
Sanity Not Included Heavy Metal Song
We Came To Finish You! Video Game Song
S-e-p-h-i-r-o-t-h! Perfect: Se Video Game Song
Level Up? Video Game Song
Divine Requiem (Piano+Bells) Classical Song
GaMetal - Smash Bros Brawl Video Game Song
Wings ~P~ Video Game Loop
The Legend of Mario (GaMetal) Video Game Song
|\||_| Inside the Cavern Video Game Loop
Dot Dot Dot Spoken Word Voice
ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow Drum N Bass Song
RPG - Final Battle Video Game Song
Unfaithful (Battle Theme) Video Game Loop
DiVINe MaDNEss ~P~ Miscellaneous Song
Thundersocks Industrial Song
Boss Theme - [8-bit] Video Game Loop
Im Blue remix [T-Free] [C89] Dance Song
Rayquaza Battle Theme Video Game Song
Dark Enigma *C-Star* Video Game Loop
Binary Emisions ~P~ Video Game Loop
Rainbows and Unicorns ~P~ Video Game Loop
8-bit Boss Battle 3 Video Game Song
8-bit Countdown Video Game Loop
8-bit Boss Battle 4: The Rival Video Game Song
8-bit Boss Battle 2 Video Game Loop
8-Bit Bossbattle Video Game Loop
(8-Bit) Beat It Video Game Song
Halo MJLONIR Remix 8-bit Video Game Song
|\||_| 8-bit Demo Video Game Loop